Beet Root Orange Goat Cheese Rucolla &  Candied Walnuts

Romaine Lettuce Caser Salad With Smoked Chicken Breast & Croutons

Cream Cheese Layered Aloo Chat

Cold Thai Watermelon Shots

Potato Eggs Olive W Leek & – Add Anchovies Or Bacon




Cheese Board 4-5 Assorted  Exotic Cheese

Assorted Breads

Parma Ham Pear & Cheese Wrap

Caviar Crème Fraiche & Dill Toast

Malai Tikka With Wasabi Lime Crème

Avocado Golgappe With Prawns Or Wild Mushroom

Tempura Prawn

Asparagus Tempura Or Panko Fried Assorted Vegetable

Nutmeg Shami Kebabs  With Pineapple Chutney

Honey Ginger Tofu Pockets With Almond Dates

Hara Kebab

South Indian Tadka  Shrimp With Kokum Cream

Tomato Olive Bruschetta & Feta Crumble

Olive Tapenade

Butter Poached Pan Grilled Prawns With Onion Jam

Corn Cream Fritters

Malai Paneer Kaju Tikki With Mint Cream Sauce

French Fries


Main Course

Shitake Mushroom Sticky Fried Rice W Sesame Spinach Water Chestnut Or Shredded Chicken

Blackened Chicken With Bak Choy & Carrots

Truffle & Goat Chese Pizza

Sea Food / Or Wild MushroomRisotto W Shaved Parmesan

Spaghetti Neapolitan With Parmesan Shaving

Mini Pizzas

Spanish Pork Belly Mini Tortilla With Pulled  & Fresh Veggies





Coconut Panacotta With Orange Glaze And Mirchi Toffee

Portuguese Serradura With Marie & Cerelac Powder

Glass Candied Cherry Flambe with Truffle Dust